Starting a business as a kid can be a great way to learn about entrepreneurship, money management, and the inner workings of the business world. Simple business ideas for kids can also be a fun and rewarding experience that can lead to financial independence and success in the future.

Here are 36 simple business ideas for kids:

  1. Lemonade stand: Set up a lemonade stand on a busy street corner during the summer. This is the most common and simple business idea that most kids start with.
  2. Dog walking service: Offer to walk dogs for busy pet owners in your neighborhood. Kids could charge on an hourly basis and advertise their service using notice boards in and around the neighborhoods or WhatsApp groups.
  3. Babysitting service: Offer to babysit for families in your community. Like the dog walking service, kids could charge on an hourly basis and advertise their service using notice boards in and around the neighborhoods or WhatsApp groups.
  4. Car washing service: Wash cars for people in your neighborhood.
  5. Pet grooming service: Offer to groom pets for people in your community.
  6. Plant care service: Offer to take care of people’s plants while they are away on vacation.
  7. Online tutoring service: Offer online tutoring services in a subject you excel in. Teaching is the best form of learning.
  8. Virtual assistance service: Offer virtual assistance services to busy entrepreneurs and professionals.
  9. Homemade crafts: Create and sell homemade crafts, such as jewelry, paintings, and knitted items.
  10. Personalized gifts: Create personalized gifts, such as keychains, t-shirts, and mugs.
  11. Party planning service: Plan and organize parties for kids in your community.
  12. Photography service: Offer photography services for events and family portraits.
  13. Catering service: Cater small events and parties in your community.
  14. Customized T-shirt printing: Create and sell custom T-shirts with your own designs.
  15. Personal shopping service: Offer personal shopping services for busy people in your community.
  16. Handyman service: Offer handyman services, such as yard work and minor repairs.
  17. Personalized gift basket service: Create and sell personalized gift baskets for special occasions.
  18. Social media management service: Offer social media management services for small businesses.
  19. Online course creation: Create and sell online courses on a topic you are knowledgeable about.
  20. Mobile app development: Develop and sell mobile apps for businesses or individuals.
  21. Blogging: Create and monetize a blog on a topic you are passionate about.
  22. E-commerce store: Start an e-commerce store and sell products online.
  23. YouTube channel: Create and monetize a YouTube channel on a topic you are passionate about.
  24. Podcast: Start a podcast and monetize it through sponsorships or advertising.
  25. Stock market investing: Learn about the stock market and invest in stocks.
  26. Freelance writing: Offer freelance writing services for websites and blogs.
  27. Graphic design services: Offer graphic design services for businesses and individuals.
  28. Web development services: Offer web development services for small businesses and entrepreneurs.
  29. Online marketplace: Create an online marketplace for a specific niche or product.
  30. Virtual event planning: Plan and organize virtual events for businesses or organizations.
  31. Customized cake and pastry: Create and sell customized cakes and pastries for special occasions.
  32. Virtual bookkeeping: Offer virtual bookkeeping services for small businesses.
  33. Virtual interior design: Offer virtual interior design services for people looking to revamp their home.
  34. Online store for handmade items: Start an online store for handmade items such as jewelry, clothing, and home decor.
  35. Virtual personal shopping: Offer virtual personal shopping services for busy people.
  36. Virtual personal styling: Offer virtual personal styling services

While working on all or some of the above projects and business ideas, kids should constantly be challenged to do things differently. If they are washing a car, urge them to design a unique brush that can make the job easier.

This is a great way to give exposure to kids and make learning a lot more fun.

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