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Kidspreneurship is an award-winning early entrepreneurship education based in Singapore. Schools worldwide are adopting entrepreneurship education for their students. Kidspreneurship curriculum focuses on mindset, skills, and knowledge in children.


Own a Profitable Franchise

Our goal is to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs, and we are committed to helping kids reach their full potential.

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  • Franchise owners can offer entrepreneurship education to students between the age of 7 to 15
  • Access to the curriculum
  • Access to highly qualified and passionate trainers
  • Track student progress
  • Conduct activity led sessions

Become Part of the Paradigm Shift in Education

We are in a business that creates real impact. Our products and services help educate children and prepare them for a VUCA world.

  • Each franchise owner is given a dashboard to manage students
  • Track progress of each student
  • Share progress with parents
  • Deploy a facilitator for students
  • Get your facilitator certified
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"Not every student will become an entrepreneur, but they will all someday need to think like one" - John Spencer


Recession-Proof Investment for Franchise Owners

Fully automated systems and ability to support scale

Franchise Opportunities - Entrepreneurship Education for Kids 4
  • 400+ Worksheets & Comprehensive Training
  • Low up-front Investment
  • High Margins & Advance Payments
  • Complete support on Branding & Marketing
  • Upsell - Kits and Board Games

Capitalize on the Edtech Boom

Franchise Opportunities - Entrepreneurship Education for Kids 7
  • Think outside the box with entrepreneurship activities
  • Prototype ideas with facilitator
  • Inculcate creative & critical thinking
  • Connect with young entrepreneur across the globe
  • Develop entrepreneurial mindset
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What Industry Says




How Does Access to “Learning Centre” Help Kids?


Student Friendly High Quality Content

Worksheets for learning
Flexible learning with recorded videos
Access to live classes of up to 4 hours

Support To Complete The Program

Reminders to start class at a particular time
Age appropriate meditation for mindfulness
Assessment at the end of each module

Project Based Learning

Allows kids to work on real-world problems
Assessment and feedback will be offered
Solutions might get implemented by the industry
Students get a flavor of industry life

Low Investment


Transparent & High Quality Content


Technology Enabled Execution

Own Entrepreneurship Education Franchise

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    As a franchise owner you are able to give exposure to all facets of entrepreneurship in a child friendly manner. It is a mini MBA for students and gives them the confidence to excel in life.

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