Entrepreneurship Program for Schools

We believe that every child should be introduced to the rewards of entrepreneurship, early on. Check out entrepreneurship programs for school education and train your students or kids as young entrepreneurs.

We help schools to implement Entrepreneurship in their curriculum. Plug and Play Solution for Schools.


Transforming Education at School

Empowering Schools with an Extensive Library of Entrepreneurship Resources Created for Kids

  • Schools can add entrepreneurship as a subject within no time
  • Access to curriculum
  • Access to highly qualified and passionate trainers
  • Track student progress
  • Activity led sessions

Pathbreaking Education for Students

Engaging, Encouraging and Enabling Students to Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset

  • Students can access all worksheets
  • Activities and projects to motivate students
  • Live sessions every week
  • Vocabulary building
  • Connect with industry experts

Not every student will become an entrepreneur, but they will all someday need to think like one - John Spencer


Empowering Trainers

Trainers have a chance to make an impact and upskill

  • Trainers have access to all content
  • Conduct sessions for students from multiple schools
  • Choose an online, offline, or hybrid way of teaching
  • Trainers can upload & review assignments
  • Get certified and upskill

Best Entrepreneurship Education for Schools

  • Think outside the box with entrepreneurship activities
  • Prototype ideas with facilitator
  • Inculcate creative & critical thinking
  • Connect with young entrepreneur across the globe
  • Develop entrepreneurial mindset

What Industry Says

Why should your school partner with Kidspreneurship?

School Teachers, Educators, Trainers are re-learning and adjusting to the new paradigm and our programs, training’s and resources are meant to support them.

Schools are now coming forward and making entrepreneurial mind-set curriculum part of their core syllabus. We will help them integrate this curriculum in their existing course.

Kidspreneurship Award-winning Curriculum Is Highly Immersive And Engaging

Rave reviews from parents and teachers.
Lots of inspiring ideas from kids who’ve attended our programs




How Does Access to “Learning Centre” Help Kids?


Student Friendly High Quality Content

Worksheets for learning
Flexible learning with recorded videos
Access to live classes of up to 4 hours

Support To Complete The Program

Reminders to start class at a particular time
Age appropriate meditation for mindfulness
Assessment at the end of each module

Project Based Learning

Allows kids to work on real-world problems
Assessment and feedback will be offered
Solutions might get implemented by the industry
Students get a flavor of industry life

Affordable Program for Schools


Transparent & High Quality Content


Technology Enabled Execution

Provide Students with Best Entrepreneurship Education

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Curriculum is extremely important to structure and plan a course such that teachers, trainers, and students have clear visibility of learning agendas and outcome.

    Entrepreneurship is oneof the most relevant programs that should be included in every school curriculum for primary as well as secondary schools. It allows students to learn an important life skill. Much like all other subjects, entrepreneurship is a very important subject.

    Education and entrepreneurship are closely linked. Education is expected to prepare students for the life and entrepreneurship is a skill that truly prepares each child for the VUCA world.

    Studying entrepreneurship in school opens many possibilities for children. They learn how to think like an entrepreneur and this kind of thinking if practiced over a period becomes second nature for kids. They learn a transferable skill that can help them lead a happy, successful, and fulfilling life.

    Entrepreneurship can absolutely be taught at schools. In fact, schools should include entrepreneurship as part of their curriculum. Entrepreneurship is as important technology skills. It develops a way of thinking and problem-solving. These are important skills that can never be outsourced and hence developing these skills in kids is pivotal.

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