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Entrepreneurship Program for Kids

Our online entrepreneurship regular programme for kids aged 8-12 revolves around engaging monthly themes that nurture an entrepreneurial mindset while providing valuable skills. Each month, we introduce fresh, captivating themes, fostering creativity, critical thinking, and more through videos and live discussions.

Kidspreneurship’s program is your one-stop destination for your child’s holistic development, delivering essential entrepreneurial knowledge in an exciting format that keeps young participants smiling and enthusiastic.

Enjoy the Early Bird Discount until March 21, 2024. Find the monthly fee details below.


How It Works

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Start Learning

  • Attend a Weekly Live Session
  • Take Quiz
  • Work on Activity/Assignment of the Week
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Join Global Community

  • Engage with Learners from across the Globe
  • Take Part in Challenges (Real-World)
  • Attend Industry and Mentor Sessions
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  • Get Badges and Recognition
  • Get Certificates Upon Successful Completion

Upcoming workshops

Theme # 1 Comic Quest: Problem Solvers & Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship Workshop for Students 12

Develop your problem-solving abilities, creativity, and storytelling skills. Through this exciting 4-day workshop, participants will gain a basic understanding of entrepreneurship concepts and be able to create their own comic strips.

Theme # 2 Create a Magic Kit for Self-Care

Entrepreneurship Workshop for Students 13

Embark on a magical journey into kid entrepreneurship as young minds learn soap making. This imaginative experience blends creativity with soap making skills and allows children to discover the joy of entrepreneurship while having fun.

Theme # 3 Mini Style Tycoons: Kids Crafting a Fashion Empire

Entrepreneurship Workshop for Students 14

This exciting program empowers kids to explore their passion for style and business acumen, guiding them through the creative process of designing, branding, and marketing their own fashion lines. Through hands-on activities and expert guidance, budding fashion moguls will learn how to turn their unique visions into profitable ventures, making fashion more fun than ever.

Theme # 4 CraftyPlay Creations

Entrepreneurship Workshop for Students 15

Step into the magical world of our DIY Toys, where creativity knows no bounds! Design and craft your unique playthings, unlocking not only endless fun but also a sprinkle of entrepreneurship. Kids will learn to share, trade, and proudly showcase their handmade wonders to friends and family, fostering both imagination and business skills.

Theme # 5 Eco-Entrepreneurs: Creating Sustainable Products

Entrepreneurship Workshop for Students 16

Develop environmental awareness, creativity, teamwork, and entrepreneurship skills such as marketing and selling. Participants will learn about sustainable entrepreneurial practices by collecting and upcycling waste materials to create unique products.

Theme # 6 Bake It Happen: Whip Your Bakery Empire

Entrepreneurship Workshop for Students 17

The workshops here are not about developing baking skills but understanding the recipe for creating a successful Baking Business! From crafting mouthwatering treats to building your bakery brand, the workshop helps you rise in the baking business with confidence and flair.

For Parents Looking At Holistic Development Of Their Child

    • Prioritize CQ, SQ, EQ alongside IQ
    • Develop Transferable Skills like Problem-Solving, Financial Literacy, and Critical Thinking
    • Program Designed to Connect Students and Nurture an Entrepreneurial Mindset
    • Ideal for Kids between the Ages of 8-12

    “Amidst the emphasis on math, science, and english, you have the opportunity to bestow your child with the invaluable gift of expanding their mindset.”

“Kids are just a sponge. When you expose them to things like brainstorming and prototyping, they get it. They are almost naturals at it.” –
Don Bossi

Kidspreneurship has also been awarded “Leaders in Early Entrepreneurship Education” for two consecutive years at the Singapore Awards by APAC Insider


Focus on all 5Qs (EQ, SQ, CQ, AQ) – Holistic Development
Mentorship for all Students
Delivered by Highly Trained Coaches
Lifelong Access to Content & Community
eStarter Kit for all Students
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Our Unique Teaching Methodology is focused on 4Cs - Connect, Cultivate, Collaborate and Create

Highlights of Regular Program

  • Proven System to Accelerate Student’s Entrepreneurial Quotient
  • Live Weekly Classes for Continuous Learning & Development
  • Industry Expert Sessions and Mentorship on Projects
  • Feedback on Assignments and Projects
  • Edtech Platform to Support Student’s Learning
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Every child can now go to an Entrepreneurship School with Kidsprenurship

Online Learning is The Future of Education
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Day | TimingsStart DateTheme of the Month
Saturday | 11:30 am-12:30 pm SGTJuly 6, 2024Comic Quest
Saturday | 11:30 am-12:30 pm SGTAugust 3, 2024Self Care
Saturday | 11:30 am-12:30 pm SGTSeptember 7, 2024Mini Style Tycoons
Saturday | 11:30 am-12:30 pm SGTOctober 5, 2024Crafty Play
Saturday | 11:30 am-12:30 pm SGTNovember 2, 2024Eco Entrepreneurs
Saturday | 11:30 am-12:30 pm SGTDecember 7, 2024Bake it Happen

There will be 4 sessions every month. Kits will be provided to each student. Monthly meets will be organized in Singapore for a face to face interaction.


Why Parents Loves Us

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Damian Seet

Early entrepreneur education is grooming time and is very good seasoning for the kids when they are young, especially when their minds are curious and they are eager to learn more
Entrepreneurship Workshop for Students 31

Simoni Shah

Kids have thoroughly enjoyed the workshops and I have seen them talk about things like a pitch, a business plan, and how to market. They really understood the concepts and that’s why they were able to implement them, which was great.
Entrepreneurship Workshop for Students 32

Vaishali Shah

Early entrepreneur education is an early headstart to building entrepreneurship skills, developing growth oriented mindsets .Learning and putting to use the various aspects involved such as team work, making a prototype in the short time,how their ideas can be all inclusive and also make a difference in society..to learn to do all this at such a young age is really wonderful

Monthly Subscription of SGD$110 (SGD$140)

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Kidspreneurship is committed to delivering a new-age curriculum that focuses on design thinking, financial literacy, social skills, leadership, creativity, team work, and a growth mindset. We are committed to helping kids tap into their entrepreneurial DNA and realize their full potential to think “out of the box” and solve real-life problems like a leader.

    Yes, we will be awarding course participation certificate after completion of 6 themes

    We have a new batch starting every month. Once you sign up, we will allocate your child to the next upcoming batch.

    The e-starter kit consists of worksheets, videos. It’s a great way to begin an entrepreneurship learning journey.

    Every child is different. So if you have 2 kids, sign them up separately. We do have a sibling discount, please write to us at enquiry@kidspreneurship.com to find out about a sibling discounts.

    If you cancel 2 weeks before the course begins and the fee will be refundable. The program fee which is a 6 month subscription is non-refundable after that.

    This course can be availed by students in any part of the world. Do check schedule to see timings. Our programme runs on a Saturday from 11:30 am SGT to 12:30 pm SGT. If you reside outside Singapore, India and Indonesia where we have our offices, you will be responsible for covering the shipping kit expenses

    Sign up today and subscribe by making monthly payments. You will be billed the same amount for the next six months.

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