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Entrepreneurship Holiday Camp for Kids

Entrepreneurship holiday camp aims to prepare young individuals with the essential skills, mindset, and knowledge required to think like entrepreneurs. The primary objective is to encourage creativity, innovation, and self-confidence in children while equipping them with the practical tools and strategies necessary to turn their ideas into reality and become confident creators.

More About the Holiday Programme

If you think about it, the world has changed a lot – but education hasn’t changed all that much

Our online holiday programme focuses on addressing the gap between education and the real world. In this camp, students will experience tools, frameworks and systems that can help them think about innovation, creativity, ideation and much more. With hands-on activities and interactive sessions, they'll gain the skills they need to be successful in the future.


Time Duration

6 hours

Kids Age

8 – 12 years

Early Bird Fee

S$118 (S$188)

Last Date for Early Bird

Before 30 April, 2024

What do students learn during these camps?

Our online holiday camp focused on building a board game is the perfect way to give your child a well-rounded and enriching experience during their break. Online holiday programme is an excellent opportunity for your child to learn, have fun and grow.

Our experienced instructors create a supportive environment where your child can have fun while learning. The online holiday camp brings kids together from different places and allows your child to enjoy a summer camp from the comfort of their own place.

Each child will receive an ekit filled with all the necessary materials for the activities. Signing up individually ensures that every child gets their ekit and certificate.


Introduction to Design Thinking and Building Board Game


Problem Solving, Prototyping and Testing


Pitching and Entrepreneurship

Day 1: Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Design Thinking

  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Board Game Building
  • Introduction to Design Thinking: What it is and why it matters
  • Understanding User Needs: Identifying the user and their needs
  • Empathy Mapping: How to understand and empathize with the user
  • Ideation for Board Game: Brainstorming and generating creative ideas
  • Idea Selection: Narrowing down the ideas and selecting the best ones

Day 2: Prototyping and Testing

  • Introduction to Prototyping: What it is and why it matters
  • Building Prototypes: Hands-on activity where participants create their own board games
  • User Testing: How to test the prototypes with users and get feedback
  • Refining Ideas: Using feedback to refine and improve the ideas

Day 3: Pitching and Business Planning

  • Build a Business Plan
  • Pitching: How to create a compelling pitch
  • Pitch Practice: Participants will practice pitching their ideas
  • Next Steps and Think Big: Discussing how to take the ideas forward and turn them into real-world ventures

Throughout the 3 days, there will be a mix of presentations, hands-on activities, and group discussions. Participants will work in small groups to apply the design thinking methodology to a real-world problem and come up with an innovative solution. The course will be led by experienced facilitators with a background in design thinking and entrepreneurship.

Don’t miss out on the best camp for kids. This will be an experience of a lifetime for your child! Sign them up now and let them unlock their creativity.

Undoubtedly, your child will be grateful to you for giving them this opportunity

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    Damian Seet

    Early entrepreneur education is grooming time and is very good seasoning for the kids when they are young, especially when their minds are curious and they are eager to learn more
    Holiday Camps and Workshops for Kids 19

    Simoni Shah

    Respected parent Simoni Shah said, “The little activities and workshop that preceded the children have made them enjoy challenges. I have seen my son talking about ‘a pitch’, ‘a business plan’, ‘I’m going to market this’, etc. They understood it and were able to implement it, which is excellent.”
    Holiday Camps and Workshops for Kids 20

    Vaishali Shah

    Early entrepreneur education is an early headstart to building entrepreneurship skills, developing growth oriented mindsets .Learning and putting to use the various aspects involved such as team work, making a prototype in the short time,how their ideas can be all inclusive and also make a difference in learn to do all this at such a young age is really wonderful

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    While the camps are for 8-12 year of age groups, we have had 7-year-old kids attending the holiday camp too. If you are interested, write to us.

    There are no pre-requisites for the holiday camp. All material and worksheets will be provided.

    This is an online camp. However if you have a group of 6 or more students, we can offer this as an offline as well at an additional cost. Write to us at

    Simply fill in the form and make the payment. You will get all the necessary details on email including the worksheets and course material.

    No, that doesn’t matter. In fact, most of our students are new to Entrepreneurship.

    If we have less than 5 students, the class will be cancelled or postponed, and you will get a 100% refund.

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