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Kidspreneurship needs more like-minded educators and entrepreneurs to join the mission to deliver a new age curriculum to students across the globe to promote entrepreneurship and a growth mindset. We offer courses, products, and tech-enabled platforms.

You don’t have to be great to start, but
you have to start to be great – Zig Ziglar

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We are looking for educators to become ambassadors and get trained in this curriculum and devote a few hours a week to mentor kids to have a mindset that can set them up for success in life. Together, we can make all the difference. You could decide to work from home or pick up projects with schools at your own convenience.

Kidspreneurship is a purpose-driven venture where we need more enterprising people individuals like you to instill an entrepreneurial DNA in all kids and raise the next generation of entrepreneurs who can solve real-life problems. Congratulations, you are pretty close to becoming a kids educator and an edupreneur.

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Why Become a Trainer?

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Education reforms will not happen overnight and we can’t leave kids at the mercy of these reforms. Hence, as a Mother, Trainer, and Entrepreneur, Swati decided to take a few things into her hand and create an army of like-minded educators and brand ambassadors who can make this a large movement. If you are reading this, I believe you are well suited to be part of this tribe – become a brand ambassador with Kidspreneurship.

Why do kids have to spend on re-education while wasting precious years of their lives not learning life skills that matter? Why do they lack out-of-the-box thinking, confidence, leadership skills, and problem-solving skills when they step out into the real world? This program will empower them to hone life skills at the right age. This will allow them to lead happy and successful life. Swati has trained more than 2000 kids before opening this up to all other passionate individuals who resonate with this. This also comes with the flexibility of being able to work from home.

Join us for a pre-recorded webinar which tells you more about Kidspreneurship Educator & Brand Ambassador Program

How We Support Our Trainers


We provide access to a platform that has all the training and course material for conducting sessions.


We provide a Kidspreneurship Kit that has all the products For Conducting Sessions.


We provide Personal Branding sessions so that you can feel and position yourself as an expert.


We provide marketing and branding support to all our brand ambassadors and educators.

Who is it for?

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You could be a working mom or mompreneur or an educator ready to devote a few hours to coaching and hosting students. This opportunity comes with a lot of flexibility. You can work from home and get started easily.

·If you want to become financially independent while doing something purpose-driven, this is for you.

·If you want to take charge of the uncertain times and transform that into an opportunity to become an Educator for Kids.

So what are you thinking about? Become part of the community that is changing the future of education. Because there is no greater joy than the joy of teaching.

Limited Intake

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We want to ensure quality training and after-support for all trainers and hence we are accepting a limited no. of registrations. Once we hit our number of registrations, we will put you on a waitlist.

So if this is of interest, don’t think and wait. Take action and enjoy being able to work from home. Yes, you can help the world and make money at the same time. Sign up for the FREE Webinar. Listen carefully for 30 minutes without any distraction. The webinar will answer all the frequently asked questions including how much you can earn as a trainer. Become Kids Educator, Today!

Set your inner entrepreneur free and start making money right now by taking Kidspreneurship experience to students.



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