Become Entrepreneurial Mindset Trainer – Train Young Students

Discover the Secrets to Bringing Entrepreneurial Mindset into the Classroom

Are you eager to make a positive impact by instilling an entrepreneurial mindset in your students? We present an exciting opportunity for you!

Over the past three years, we’ve successfully trained thousands of students from diverse backgrounds, exposing them to the principles of entrepreneurship. Our ambitious goal is to reach one million plus kids by 2025, and we recognize that achieving this objective requires collaborative efforts. That’s why we’re reaching out to passionate educators like you to bring our proven methods into your classroom.

By joining us, you’ll play a crucial role in empowering a generation of creative and confident kids, all while advancing your own career. Through an on demand educators bootcamp, made available through a teacher training dashboard, you’ll acquire the necessary soft and hard skills to become an effective entrepreneurship trainer. Our program includes extensive support, providing you with material, videos, and more. Moreover, you’ll become part of a global community of entrepreneurship trainers, fostering collaboration and shared knowledge.

To engage in this impactful journey, we are offering a one time payment of $360 S$36 for a very limited period.

Seize this opportunity to equip yourself with the tools to inspire and guide the next generation of entrepreneurs. Certificates will be awarded on successful completion.

Educators Bootcamp Available on Demand. One Time Fee of 36 SGD (360 SGD)

In this bootcamp, you will learn

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  • The Importance of Building An Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • The Roles & Responsibilities of An Entrepreneurial Mindset Trainer
  • Methods to Encourage Outside-the-Box Ideas: Strategies To Cultivate Creativity And Innovation In Your Students
  • Pedagogy, Curriculum, Designing Effective Sessions
  • Tools For Building An Inspiring Learning Environment
  • Assessment, Feedback and Documentation Of Student Projects
  • Bridging the Gap: Creating Real-World Opportunities for Applying Classroom Knowledge
  • Getting Started As An Entrepreneurial Mindset Certified Trainer

Our training covers self-paced learning and ongoing support through live interactions, giving you the tools to run engaging sessions. The goal is to have student-driven learning, with teachers there to support and guide, making the educational experience fulfilling and enjoyable.

What's included for you?



Upon successful completion of the course and assignments, all participants will receive certification as recognition of their achievement. This certification serves as a testament to their dedication and mastery of the material covered throughout the program.

Resources for Each Module with Sample Lesson Plans

Receive comprehensive resources for each module, including sample lesson plans. This invaluable toolkit is designed to assist you in taking a significant step forward in your career.

Recorded Videos for On-Demand Training

We recognize the importance of self-paced learning and interaction. Therefore, you’ll have access to recorded videos, allowing you to revisit the training at any time that suits you.

Teacher Training Dashboard Access

Stay updated with our ever-expanding collection of resources through the Teacher Training Dashboard, where new materials will be continually added to enhance your training experience.

Community Access

Join a vibrant community of trainers from around the world. Connect, share insights, and collaborate with like-minded educators, fostering a global network of support and knowledge exchange.
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