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Programme for Students


Student Driven Entrepreneurship

Gamified lessons enable students aged 8-12 to independently learn entrepreneurship at their own pace from anywhere in the world. They can practice through worksheets, challenges, and projects.Sign Up »

Holiday Camp

We love crafting enjoyable, educational, and thrilling holiday experiences for your kids! With a global community of over 20,000 satisfied campers, our entrepreneurship camps provide an unforgettable adventure for your child.Sign Up »

Regular Programme

Benefit from dynamic and interactive lessons taught by our certified instructors. Through projects and challenges designed to enhance understanding of fundamental entrepreneurship principles, each classroom session is sure to captivate students.Sign Up »

Creative Gym - On Demand

Nurturing creative entrepreneurial sparks will help your child cultivate innovative thinking. It’s a priceless investment in their educational and explorative path. According to a survey by the WEF, 73% of organizations identified creative thinking skills as a top priority.Sign Up »
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