Parenting is not an easy job, especially during times like these when parents are dealing with so much. Our second guest on Parents Win is immensely talented Michelle Hon. Michelle is an entrepreneur, blogger, and author. She is the founder of MomBoss Academy where she teaches moms how to create 6 figure businesses from home. Swati, Thinker in Chief at Kidspreneurship had an amazing chat with her on parenting and raising kids who are independent and confident.

Michelle has 3 kids aged 8, 6, and 4. She has been working from home ever since she had her first child. In this candid chat, Michelle shares her parenting style and how she manages work and her 3 kids. She is truly multifaceted and manages to look great too.

Her book – The Chill Mom provides practical advice that takes pregnant and new mums from worried and overwhelmed to fulfilled and confident mothers.

While her latest venture MomBoss Academy brings the best out in every mom. She helps them unleash their true potential.

Michelle is truly unstoppable.

Watch the full interview here

Here are some of the highlights of the full interview

  1. All parents are on their toes and in their own way unstoppableDuring this situation, parents are managing more than they have ever managed. If managed well, this situation can bring out the best in each one of us as parents and as professionals.
  2. Machines cannot replace our creativity and ability to add a personal touch to thingsMichelle believes that digital skills are important, but creativity is more important. Preparing kids for programming which may not be even required in future is not something she believes in. Instead she is more focused on some of the evergreen skills like creativity and working towards developing that.
  3. Important for kids to articulate their ideas and not just chase gradesKids have to be great storytellers because no matter what profession they end up in, they will have to communicate their ideas and get more people to back their ideas.
  4. People are very understanding if you tell them your circumstances. There is more compassion and understanding – Michelle believes If you want something, ask for it. It is important to show your personal facet with people at work, so they know the other side of you. Lines between professional and personal have blurred further with the Covid19 situation.
  5. Notion that work & life must be 50:50 is wrong. Michelle advises parents to have an equation that works for you and your family. She believes it is not wise to strive for that perfect balance because a perfect balance does not exist.
  6. Allow kids to get bored. Kids get creative when they are boredKids creativity stems from boredom. This lockdown has given kids a lot of opportunity to be bored, which eventually leads to a greater good – enhanced creative thinking.
  7. Do not make a watertight schedule for themLastly, having a fix schedule may sound ideal but, it’s not a great idea. It unnecessary pressurizes everyone including parents. Instead it is better to have an indicative schedule.

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