30 Fun and Productive Activities During School Holidays

Home schooling, holidays can prove challenging for parents as they struggle with keeping their kids engaged with productive yet fun activities. Parents even call teachers for suggestions on this and some teachers are not too sure of what to recommend. This segment provides best solutions for both teachers and parents.

The holidays are actually the best time to teach kids new skills which can also help strengthen their entrepreneurial mindset and skills.  Making money while at it is also not a bad idea.  However, you must make the activities as fun as possible to avoid boredom or loss of interest. It is important for kids because they get to have fun, make money, and learn leadership skills all at the same time. It is also important that you start helping them to build an entrepreneurial mindset early on. Find below 30 creative activities you can engage your kids and students in during school holidays.

You can even download some amazing templates for these activities.

  1. Create Greeting Cards:You can help the kids with creating greeting cards for the holidays and special events. The letters can be handwritten, painted with colors or both. It helps develop their creative skills. You can even ask them to sell these cards and donate the money they make to a charity.
  2. Lemonade Stands:This has been the most fun to do activity for as long as I can remember. You can obviously get the kids to do some thinking and come up with ideas to add some more elements to their lemonade stand. With your help, kids can get a permit and create a lemonade stand to sell lemonade drink and fruits to boost everyone’s immunity during these times. How about a branded immunity booster drink stand? You must watch this video to get inspired
  3. Clothes Designing:A kid with an eye for fashion can be easily steered in this direction early enough so he or she can start designing simple scarves or bags to sell to friends, family, acquaintance, neighbors both online and offline. Encourage them to find more about sustainable fashion so
  4. Creating Journals(for others):In a fun way, kids can be asked to create fun journals. Gratitude Journal, Dream Big Journal to Aly’s Circuit Breaker Journal, journals have become the most popular way to learn and document things.  Imagine the confidence they get when other kids use their journal.
  5. Cooking Competition: This sounds too advanced for kids, however, with adequate supervision, cooking can be done without burning down the house. You can make the meals very simple and be their guide all through the cooking process. Kids enjoy this a lot and for you, it means bonding time with your kids. You could even ask them to create mini meals and offer them to friends and family. Make them donate the money they have earned to a charity of their choice.
  6. Set Goals(for the coming term):How can you do this? Ask the child for the things he or she will like to do once school resumes and most importantly, it should not just be about academics. Remember, you are trying to help them have fun even while being productive. So, let the goal setting cover several aspects, guide the child in talking about what he/she wants to do academically, morally, business wise, in making new friends, in getting gifts for the teachers and so on.
  7. Swimming Classes:You don’t have to go sign up for a class, you can always be their swimming tutor if you know how to swim. Kids love swimming a lot and you can use that opportunity to teach them how to.
  8. Horse Riding:For parents who have always wanted to teach their kids horse riding, you can easily do that during the holidays. You can check for horse riding camps and enroll your kids there.
  9. Holiday Camping: During the holidays, there are several holiday camps kids can attend so you can just sign up for any of them. Camps are always fun, kids get to see their friends or make new ones, have fun together and be productive. We offer Holiday Camps for kids between the age of 7-12 years and Bootcamps for Teens. You must check them out.
  10. Photography Competition:You can get them to take several pictures either outdoor or indoor and then pick the best picture. The beauty of this is that you get to train and sharpen their photography skills because it will come in handy later. Moreover, you can document all the pictures taken and turn them to a nice picture collection. The kids will be proud and happy to see their work in a catalogue. The catalogue copyright can be sold as a form of kiddie’s book.
  11. Music Lesson/Training:Your kid can end up being a great singer, what better time to teach them basic things about music if not during the holiday? You can also teach them how to play instruments during the music training.
  12. Bedroom Makeover:It might be difficult to rearrange rooms especially the kids’ rooms during the school term so you can as well do that during the holiday and make it look more like a game. This helps to train kids about home cleaning and interior decoration.
  13. Go For Shows:Take them to shows like car shows, fashion shows, game shows and so on. It also educates them on diverse things. In taking them for such shows, kids can develop the interest and creativity to invent their own products. If you aren’t able to step out, there are lots of virtual experiences.
  14. Painting:For this, you can decide to give them different drawings or painting books and ask them to paint the pictures to look the exact way they are in real life. For instance, a leaf drawing should be painted green. But also allow them to have wild imagination.
  15. Face Painter:Kids who love going to parties can try their hands at face painting at parties, festivals, and other such events. This is a good business for kids.
  16. Watch Educational Videos:Kids love to watch videos for fun so you can make it productive by ensuring that the videos are educational. Especially on YouTube, there are videos on different subject areas. Watching documentaries is another good option. This will also help you understand what they are most passionate about.
  17. Reading:You can pick an hour during the day to engage in this, it helps develop the reading habits of children. Reading with them makes it more fun or each one of you could read and share what you read.
  18. Storytelling:You can tell them well-meaning stories; this is another form of teaching them new things.
  19. Geocaching:This is an outdoor hide and seek played with navigational apps. In fact some called it digital treasure hunt. The hide and seek containers called ‘geocaches’ are placed at specific locations marked by coordinates. For this to be possible, you need GPS-enabled devices and geocaches (containers).Read more about geocaching for kids
  20. Make A Summer Diary:Get all the kids diaries and help them document their holiday activities through writing and picture taking. This will keep them busy, improve their writing skills and create a very lovely memory.
  21. Sketch With Them:You can place an object in front of them and get them to sketch on their sketching pads. Or challenge them to sketch anything they see around them. This will help in sharpening their observational skills, because telling them to draw or sketch an object will encourage them to observe well before drawing.
  22. Jewelry Making:This is a very creative and productive thing to do. You can put your kids through on how to make beads and once they get the hang of it, you make jewelries and sell both on and offline. If you don’t know how to, you can watch how-to videos online. You can even buy jewelry making kits.
  23. Visit The Library:Go to the library with them and allow them have fun perusing different categories of books. They can also access music and videos. This will also help them in developing more love for their books.
  24. Dog Walker:During the holidays, kids who love animals can offer to walk dogs. The kid can also create a business of sitting and spending time with pets called ‘pet sitting’.
  25. Car Wash:Children love outdoor activities and also love to play with water. Therefore, make it productive by giving them cars to wash or by creating a car wash operation. You as the parent can coordinate the activities and the kids get to have fun by playing with bubbles and spraying water.
  26. Cleaning:This is another fun house chore you can get your kids to do during the holidays. All they need is a sprayer and sponge or cloth. As simple as this might sound or look, it helps a great deal in developing their motor skills and sense of balance. It also instills discipline in the child.
  27. Bake A Cake:You can teach them how to bake cake by baking one with them. This activity actually helps kids to develop the use and coordination of both hands and this in turn helps children to know how to do things that require the use of both hands such as cutting with the scissors and tying shoelaces. It also contributes to kids’ creative skills and makes them happy. And from there, they get to bake cakes and other snacks and make money from selling them.
  28. Visit A Farm:This is a very adventurous activity that helps kids get familiar with different animals, their feeding process and habitat. To kids, farms are like magical places and visiting a farm will make them happy and also help build their vocabulary as they are able to put faces to the names of animals they know. It helps them appreciate nature more and helps them understand where the food comes from.
  29. Treasure Hunt:This can be done within the house, you can hide things around the house and create a list of the items so they can be easily ticked off as the kids find them.
  30. Play Scrabble:This is one of the board games kids enjoy playing. It helps kids learn and know their letters and words very well. There are different types of board games that kids can play.

You can easily choose from this list if you are not too sure of the creative activity to engage your kids/students in. For some of these activities, you can even invite their friends over and organize mini challenges.

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