Education Entrepreneur

We believe that every child should be introduced to the rewards of entrepreneurship, early on.  We help schools to implement Entrepreneurship in their curriculum.

  • Employment generation is a problem which even governments are struggling with. We need to raise our kids to have an entrepreneurial and growth mindset to be able to lead a happy and fulfilling life.
  • While academic skills are being honed by schools, mind-set development also needs attention from schools as well as parents.
  • School Teachers, Educators, Trainers are re-learning and adjusting to the new paradigm and our programs, training’s and resources are meant to support them. Some schools are now coming forward and making entrepreneurial mind-set curriculum part of their core syllabus. We will help them integrate this curriculum in their existing course.

Ways In Which We Work With Schools

  • We help schools upskill their educators
  • We provide course material and a blueprint to include Entrepreneurship Education in school curriculum.
  • We provide trained educators for schools and other educational institutes
  • Entrepreneurship Assignment Partner: For partner schools, we pick students to work on a new idea (age appropriate) and help the students in the complete execution of the idea.

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