Check 40+ Best Kids Birthday Party Venues in Singapore

Briefly introduce the concept of throwing a memorable kids’ birthday party.
Mention the importance of choosing the right venue for the occasion.
Highlight the diversity of options available in Singapore.

Part I: Indoor Party Venues

1. KidZania Singapore

Describe the educational and entertaining aspects.
Discuss age-appropriateness and available packages.
Share testimonials and reviews from parents.

2. Skyline Luge Sentosa

Explain the appeal of outdoor adventure.
Mention party packages and safety measures.
Include fun facts and stories from previous parties.

3. The Polliwogs

Detail the different locations and their unique features.
Discuss indoor play areas, safety, and age range.
Provide information on booking and party packages.

4. Snow City

Describe the novelty of a snowy birthday party.
Explain the importance of proper clothing.
Share tips for a successful snow-themed party.

5. Amazonia

Highlight the large, Amazon rainforest-themed playground.
Discuss the variety of activities and games.
Provide pricing and booking information.

Best Kids Birthday Party Venues in Singapore

Part II: Outdoor Party Venues

6. Singapore Zoo

Emphasize the educational and entertaining elements.
Describe the different party zones within the zoo.
Discuss animal encounters and guided tours.

7. Jurong Bird Park

Talk about the bird-themed party experience.
Highlight the different party packages and inclusions.
Share real-life stories of memorable bird park parties.

8. Adventure Cove Waterpark

Discuss the water park’s attractions and safety measures.
Mention the age and height restrictions.
Share insights on hosting a waterpark party.

9. Gardens by the Bay

Describe the beauty and uniqueness of the gardens.
Explain the availability of different venues within the gardens.
Share tips for an eco-friendly garden party.

10. East Coast Park

Talk about the scenic beachfront and outdoor activities.
Mention the barbecue and picnic options.
Provide information on permits and facilities.

Best Kids Birthday Party Venues in Singapore

Part III: Themed Party Venues

11. SuperPark Singapore

Explain the concept of an indoor activity park.
Highlight the range of activities and their suitability for kids.
Share party success stories and packages.

12. Pirate Land

Describe the pirate-themed venue and decorations.
Explain the various pirate activities and games.
Share creative ideas for a pirate-themed party.

13. T-Play

Discuss the importance of sensory play for young kids.
Explain the different play zones.
Share personal anecdotes and tips for sensory parties.

14. BOUNCE Singapore

Describe the trampoline park and its safety features.
Talk about the fitness and fun aspects.
Provide details on party packages and food options.

15. My Little Pony Café

Discuss the appeal of a themed café for young kids.
Highlight the My Little Pony theme and decorations.
Share information on menu choices and party favors.

Best Kids Birthday Party Venues in Singapore

Part IV: Art and Creative Venues

16. ArtScience Museum

Describe the blend of art and science.
Mention the interactive exhibitions.
Share artistic party ideas and examples.

17. MINT Museum of Toys

Explain the appeal of vintage and collectible toys.
Discuss the museum’s child-friendly features.
Share stories of successful toy-themed parties.

18. The Artground

Describe the open and free-play artistic venue.
Explain the importance of creativity and exploration.
Share stories of children’s art projects and parties.

Best Kids Birthday Party Venues in Singapore

Part V: Entertainment Venues

19. Kid-friendly Theaters

Discuss the availability of children’s theater productions.
Highlight popular theaters and their offerings.
Share personal experiences and recommendations.

20. MOSH!

Describe the interactive digital playground.
Explain the various zones and their appeal.
Share insights on combining technology and fun for a birthday party.

21. The Polliwogs LIVE

Explain the concept of a live entertainment venue.
Discuss character appearances and shows.
Share information on booking and party packages.

Best Kids Birthday Party Venues in Singapore

Part VI: Food and Cake Venues

22. Slappy Cakes

Talk about the fun of DIY pancake making.
Share the available toppings and pancake art.
Discuss party options and group bookings.

23. The Little Things

Describe the charm of a vintage toy store and café.
Highlight the café’s kid-friendly menu.
Share ideas for a cozy toy store party.

24. Milk & Honey

Discuss the ice cream parlor’s creative flavors.
Explain the customizable ice cream options.
Share success stories of ice cream-themed parties.

Best Kids Birthday Party Venues in Singapore

Part VII: Sports and Adventure Venues

25. Singapore Sports Hub

Talk about the variety of sports activities.
Mention the accessibility of the Sports Hub.
Share tips for organizing a sports-themed party.

26. Forest Adventure

Describe the treetop adventure park.
Explain the safety features and age limits.
Share testimonials from adventurous parties.

27. My Gym Singapore

Highlight the importance of physical activity.
Discuss the different gym programs.
Provide information on party packages.

28. Clip ‘N Climb

Explain the appeal of indoor rock climbing.
Discuss the safety measures and age requirements.
Share personal experiences of climbing parties.

Best Kids Birthday Party Venues in Singapore

Part VIII: Educational and Museum Venues

29. Science Centre Singapore

Discuss the educational and interactive exhibits.
Mention the availability of science-themed party rooms.
Share stories of science-inspired birthday parties.

30. Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

Describe the natural history museum’s collections.
Explain the educational aspects and guided tours.
Share ideas for a dinosaur-themed party.

31. Singapore Discovery Centre

Discuss the discovery center’s interactive displays.
Highlight the relevance of military history.
Share insights on planning a discovery-themed party.

Best Kids Birthday Party Venues in Singapore

Part IX: Animal Encounters

32. Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom

Explain the fascination of butterflies and insects.
Discuss the interactive experiences and guided tours.
Share stories of insect-themed parties.


33. Underwater World

Describe the underwater world and its marine life.
Explain the appeal of underwater tunnels.
Share information on hosting a marine-themed party.


34. Horse Riding Adventures

Talk about the thrill of horseback riding.
Discuss the availability of riding lessons.
Share success stories of horse-themed parties.

Best Kids Birthday Party Venues in Singapore

Part X: DIY Party Venues

35. Home Parties

Explain the benefits of hosting a party at home.
Share creative ideas for DIY decorations and activities.
Provide tips on budget-friendly home parties.

36. Parks and Picnic Areas

Discuss the charm of outdoor parties.
Mention the need for permits and planning.
Share picnic party ideas and recipes.

Best Kids Birthday Party Venues in Singapore

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