Entrepreneurship Lesson Plans and Worksheets

Entrepreneurship Worksheets for Kids (7-14 Years)

Making entrepreneurship fun through worksheets, playing cards, lesson plans, and more. Access the most comprehensive learning material for Early Entrepreneurship Education. You can download the worksheet as pdf.

Here are some common mistakes parents make:

  • They prevent kids from committing mistakes or failing
  • They protect them from negative emotions
  • They don’t let them explore unconventional things (entrepreneurship)
  • Lastly, they try too hard to raise a perfect child

If you are panicking because you are making more than one of these mistakes, these worksheets will be a game-changer. Worksheets are self-paced activities (ideal for all those cannot attend online camps) that are engaging and empowering for your child.

How does it work? It is quite simple.

Step 1 – Sign up for the Entrepreneurship Activity Worksheet Bundle (Special Price applicable only till October 31, 2021)

Step 2 – Receive activity sheets and audio instructions over email for enhanced learning

Step 3 – Submit all worksheets and get an E-Certificate for Participating in Entrepreneurship Program for Kids

Kidspreneurship has also been awarded “Leaders in Early Entrepreneurship Education” at the fifth annual Singapore Awards by APAC Insider and Early Entrepreneurship Education Initiative of the Year by Corporate LiveWire Innovation & Excellence Awards 2021.

Still, Thinking? Watch This Powerful TEDx talk by Bill Roche where he talks about the power of an entrepreneurial mindset. When we help youth to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, we empower them to be successful in our rapidly changing world.

Pre-Order Activity Worksheet Bundle 
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Entrepreneurship Activity Worksheet Bundle

    Highlights - Activity Bundle Worksheets

    Kid Activity Worksheets
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      Chance To Attend Live Sessions
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      20 Worksheets/Printable To Practice Key Skills
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      Stay At Home Resources To Develop Important Life Skill
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      Guided Instructions For Each Activity Worksheet
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      Develop Creative Thinking & Art of Storytelling

    In Entrepreneurship Program for Kids, the activities are tailored for them so that they learn the ropes of Entrepreneurship early on. These activities are simple yet very effective to hone a growth and entrepreneurial mindset. This is a guided process with audios and parents can act as facilitators, if required.

    What can be your best investment for 2021? One that focuses on your child’s mindset development. What better than to invest in a kid’s entrepreneurship that will give your child an edge over others in his or her future?

    You can be part of a moderated, highly engaged community that we are building on facebook. We are certain that your child will benefit immensely from these worksheets

    We are truly dedicated to the mission of making growth and entrepreneurial mindset program available to every child.

    You can also be part of our Online Holiday Camp by clicking here

    If all kids have an entrepreneurial and growth mindset, imagine the kind of impact it can have….

    This is what excites us and keeps us going every single day…


    Worksheets will be emailed along with instructions to parent’s email id provided at the time of enrolment.

    Yes, if you submit all completed worksheets within 30 days of enrolment along with pictures and videos, we will be awarding course participation certificate.

    You will receive worksheet bundle within 24 hours of enrolling into the program. We take time to validate the enrolment.

    Activities will be for kids! However parents will act as a coach or facilitator for each activity. There might be some activities for which parents will have to be involved. But it’s all going to be fun.

    If you need a certificate of participation for both kids, then you will have to enroll separately. But if you aren’t looking for certificates, then you don’t need to enroll separately.

    If you want to do a bulk sign up, write to us at enquiry@kidspreneurship.com and our team will reach out to you.

    No, this course can be availed by kids in any part of the world.

    Refund Policy – Worksheets sold as downloadable digital files are not refundable due to the nature of the product. However, if there is something wrong with the file, it will be replaced by another link.

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