Singapore Holiday Guide: Over 300 Entrepreneurial Activities For Kids Above the Age of 8

Are you residing in Singapore or planning a holiday in Singapore with your kids and want to make it both fun and educational? Look no further! This article offers a multitude of entrepreneurial activities for kids above the age of 8. This guide will help you explore 300+ entrepreneurial experiences categorized under 100+ unique categories. These experiences will both entertain and educate your young ones.


Singapore is often referred to as the “Lion City,” and it’s well-known for its economic prowess and entrepreneurial spirit. It’s no wonder that the city offers a wide range of activities that allow kids to tap into their creativity, develop essential skills, and learn about business and innovation while having loads of fun. Whether you’re looking to inspire your child’s entrepreneurial spirit or just want to keep them engaged, there’s something for everyone.


Entrepreneurship for Kids

Let’s explore the concept of entrepreneurship for kids. Entrepreneurship isn’t just about starting a business; it’s about developing creativity, problem-solving abilities, financial literacy, and resourcefulness. Encouraging kids to explore their entrepreneurial side that can foster essential life skills, such as teamwork, communication, and adaptability. This Singapore Holiday Guide will ensure that your child has something to do during short and long school breaks.


Here are some benefits of introducing kids to entrepreneurship:

  1. Creativity: Entrepreneurial activities for kids can spark creativity and innovative thinking in kids. They learn to come up with new ideas and solutions to problems.
  2. Financial Literacy: Understanding money and how it works is crucial. Entrepreneurship teaches kids about budgeting, saving, and investing.
  3. Responsibility: Managing a small business, even on a small scale, instils a sense of responsibility and accountability in kids.
  4. Teamwork: Many entrepreneurial activities for kids involve working with others. Kids learn to collaborate and communicate effectively.
  5. Problem-Solving: Entrepreneurial ventures often come with challenges. Kids learn to problem-solve and overcome obstacles.

This Singapore Holiday Guide guarantees your child will have engaging options for both short and extended school vacations.

Entrepreneurial Activities for Kids

Let’s delve into a comprehensive list of entrepreneurial activities for kids, divided into categories for easy navigation. From high-tech adventures to creative workshops, there’s something for every young entrepreneur. This Singapore Holiday Guide guarantees that your child will have engaging entrepreneurial activities to enjoy during both brief and extended school breaks.

  1. Technology and Innovation

  • KidZania Singapore: An indoor theme park where children can try their hands at different professions, including technology and innovation.
  • Science Centre Singapore: Offers interactive exhibits and workshops that focus on technology and science.
  • Coding Workshops: Various organizations in Singapore offer coding classes for kids, teaching them valuable skills in programming and problem-solving.
  • Robotics Camps: Let your kids build and program their robots in specialized robotics camps.

From outdoor adventures to cultural experiences, the Singapore Holiday Guide ensures a memorable time for your family.

  1. Arts and Crafts

  • Art Jamming: Express creativity through painting, and create artwork.
  • Pottery Workshops: Learn the art of pottery and make your unique creations.
  • Craft Workshops: From Origami to all kinds of paper crafts, kids can engage in hands-on artistic endeavors.
  • Art Science Museum: Explore the intersection of art and technology through interactive exhibits.
  1. Culinary Adventures

  • Cooking Classes: Numerous cooking schools offer classes where kids can learn to whip up delicious dishes.
  • Food Tasting Tours: Explore Singapore’s diverse culinary landscape and learn about different cuisines.
  • Baking Workshops: From cupcakes to bread, kids can master the art of baking.
  • Hawker Centre Challenge: Task your kids with creating their unique hawker-style dish.

Explore the Singapore Holiday Guide for a list of over 300 engaging activities for kids above the age of 8.

  1. Entrepreneurship

  • Kidspreneurship Holiday Camp: Participate in workshops focused on entrepreneurship, money management, and business planning.
  • Stock Market Simulations: Learn about investment and finance through stock market simulations.
  1. Environmental and Sustainability Ventures

  • Gardening Workshops: Teach kids about sustainability and the environment through gardening.
  • Eco-friendly Craft Workshops: Create art using recycled materials, emphasizing eco-consciousness.
  • Visit to Sustainability Parks: Explore eco-parks and learn about sustainability and conservation 
  1. Retail and Sales

  • Weekend Markets: Numerous markets offer young entrepreneurs the chance to set up their stalls and sell handmade crafts and goods.
  • Lemonade Stands: The classic entrepreneurial venture – selling lemonade on a hot day.
  • Online Stores: Teach kids the basics of e-commerce and help them set up an online store to sell homemade products.
  • Pop-up Shops: Several locations in Singapore host pop-up shop events, allowing kids to showcase and sell their creations.
  1. Performance and Entertainment

  • Theatre and Drama Workshops: Encourage kids to explore their acting skills in theatre and drama workshops.
  • Music and Dance Classes: Learn to play musical instruments or dance through various music and dance schools.
  • Street Performances: Showcase your child’s talent by allowing them to perform in public spaces.
  • Magic Workshops: Enroll in magic classes where kids can learn the art of illusion and entertain others.
  1. Outdoor Ventures

  • Farm Visits: Explore Singapore’s farms and learn about agriculture and animal husbandry.
  • Adventure Parks: Engage in outdoor activities  for kids such as ziplining, rock climbing, and more.
  • Nature Trails: Discover the flora and fauna of Singapore through nature walks and trails.
  • Camp Outs: Enjoy a family camping experience, teaching kids’ essential outdoor skills.
  1. Financial Literacy Programs

  • Financial Literacy Workshops: Various organizations offer workshops focused on teaching kids about money management and investments.
  • Junior Banking Programs: Many banks have initiatives to teach kids about banking, saving, and investing.
  • Budgeting Challenges: Task your kids with managing a budget for a day or a week, teaching them the value of money.
  1. Virtual Experiences

  • Online Courses: Explore a plethora of online courses focused on a range of topics.
  • Virtual Reality Experiences: Immersive VR games and simulations.
  • E-sports and Gaming Competitions: Participate in e-sports competitions, where kids can test their gaming skills.
  1. Community Service

  • Volunteer Work: Get involved in various community service projects to learn about giving back.
  • Fundraising Events: Organize or participate in fundraising events for a charitable cause.
  • Environmental Initiatives: Join groups focused on environmental protection and sustainability.
  • Support Local Businesses: Encourage kids to understand the importance of supporting local entrepreneurs by visiting local markets and shops.
  1. Astronomy, Science and Space Exploration

  • Singapore Discovery Centre: Explore interactive exhibits that focus on science, technology, and space.
  • Astronomical Observations: Observe celestial objects through telescopes and learn about astronomy.
  • Astronomy Clubs: Join clubs dedicated to studying the stars and planets, fostering an interest in space exploration.
  • Rocketry Workshops: Build and launch model rockets, learning about propulsion and physics
  1. Language and Communication

  • Writing Workshops: Encourage kids to explore their creative writing skills in workshops focused on storytelling and poetry.
  • Public Speaking Classes: Develop effective communication skills through public speaking classes.
  • Language Learning: Learn a new language or improve language skills through language schools in Singapore.
  1. History and Culture

  • Heritage Trails: Explore Singapore’s rich history and culture through heritage trails and guided tours.
  • Museum Visits: Visit museums and historical sites to learn about Singapore’s past.
  • Cultural Workshops: Participate in cultural activities for kids such as traditional dance or crafts.
  1. Health and Wellness Ventures

  • Yoga and Wellness Classes: Learn about health and wellness through yoga and wellness programs.
  • Fitness Training: Develop physical fitness and learn about sports and exercise.
  • Mental Health Workshops: Understand the importance of mental health and mindfulness.
  1. DIY and Home Improvement

  • DIY Home Projects: Teach kids to handle basic home improvement tasks safely.
  • Woodworking Workshops: Explore woodworking and carpentry skills.
  • Upcycling Initiatives: Encourage kids to give new life to old items through upcycling projects.
  1. Fashion and Design

  • Fashion Design Workshops: Learn about clothing design, sewing, and fashion.
  • Jewellery Making: Explore the art of jewellery design and crafting.
  • Upcycled Fashion Shows: Organize fashion shows with outfits created from upcycled materials.
  1. Philanthropic Initiatives

  • Charity Drives: Support various charitable organizations through fundraising and donations.
  • Supporting the Elderly: Engage with the elderly in Singapore and learn about the importance of caring for seniors.
  • Animal Welfare: Get involved in animal welfare activities for kids and help animals in need.
  1. DIY Electronics and Gadgets

  • Electronics Workshops: Learn to build and program simple electronic circuits.
  • Drone Flying: Explore the world of drones, including building and flying them.
  • Smart Home Projects: Engage in projects that involve creating and programming smart home devices.
  1. Performing Arts and Entertainment

  • Circus Skills Workshops: Discover the art of juggling, acrobatics, and clowning.
  • Standup Comedy: Encourage kids to learn standup comedy
  • Puppetry Workshops: Explore the world of puppetry and create your puppet shows.
  1. Adventure Activities for Kids

  • Orienteering and Geocaching: Learn navigation skills and treasure hunting through geocaching.
  • Archery: Develop archery skills under professional guidance.
  • Hiking and Camping: Embark on hikes and camping adventures to connect with nature.
  1. Build Games

  • Board Games: Build and play financial board games that teach kids about money management.
  • Business Tycoon Video Games: Create and play games where kids can manage virtual businesses.
  1. Educational Museums and Centre’s

  • Singapore Maritime Museum: Learn about maritime history and ship navigation.
  • Singapore Philatelic Museum: Explore the world of stamps and postal history.
  • Asian Civilisations Museum: Discover the diverse cultures of Asia through interactive exhibits.
  1. Healthcare and Medical Exploration

  • Children’s Hospitals Tours: Organize tours of children’s hospitals to learn about healthcare.
  • First Aid Workshops: Teach kids basic first aid skills and the importance of health.
  • Medical Simulation Centre’s: Explore medical simulations to understand the healthcare field.
  1. Transportation and Engineering

  • Aviation Museums: Learn about the history of aviation and flight technology.
  • Train and Rail Museums: Explore the history of trains and rail transport in Singapore.
  • Civil Engineering Projects: Engage in simple engineering projects like building bridges or dams.
  1. Nature Conservation and Animal Care

  • Wildlife Reserves and Zoos: Visit wildlife parks and learn about animal conservation.
  • Adopt-a-Tree Programs: Support tree planting and environmental conservation initiatives.
  • Pet Training Workshops: Teach kids how to care for and train pets.
  1. Storytelling

  • Writing a Children’s Book: Encourage kids to write and illustrate their own children’s books.
  • Entrepreneurial Blogging: Start a blog to share experiences and ideas about entrepreneurship.
  1. Invention and Innovation Workshops

  1. Outdoor Markets and Fairs

  • Bazaars and Festivals: Participate in seasonal markets and festivals to showcase handmade products.
  • Book Swaps: Organize book swap events for kids to exchange and share their favorite books. 
  1. Music and Sound Engineering

  • Sound Recording Studios: Learn the basics of sound recording and music production.
  • Music Composition Workshops: Create original music compositions and learn about the music industry.
  • Musical Instrument Building: Engage in building simple musical instruments and explore their sounds.
  1. Planetarium Visits

  • Planetarium Visits: Attend planetarium shows and stargazing events to learn about the cosmos.
  1. Culinary Entrepreneurship

  • Pop-Up Restaurants: Organize pop-up restaurants featuring your kids’ culinary creations.
  • Food Blogging: Start a food blog to review and document culinary experiences.
  • Catering Services: Offer catering services for family events and gatherings.
  1. Community Gardens

  • Urban Gardening: Participate in community gardening initiatives and maintain urban gardens.
  • Gardening Clubs: Join clubs focused on gardening and plant cultivation.
  • Seed Swaps: Organize events where kids can swap seeds and learn about plant propagation.
  1. Sports and Fitness Initiatives

  • Sports Coaching: Learn how to coach sports like soccer, basketball, or swimming.
  • Sports Tournaments: Organize mini sports tournaments with friends and family.
  • Fitness Bootcamps: Engage in fitness activities for kids to promote health and wellness.
  1. Robotics and Automation

  • DIY Robot Building: Create simple robots and explore robotics concepts.
  • Automation Workshops: Learn about automation and its applications in various industries.
  • Robot Sumo Competitions: Participate in robot sumo battles and competitions.
  1. Drama and Acting Workshops

  • Improv Theatre: Explore the world of improvisational theatre and develop acting skills.
  • Theatre Productions: Join local theatre productions and gain experience in acting.
  • Scriptwriting: Write scripts for small skits or plays and perform them.
  1. Environmental Cleanup and Restoration

  • Beach Cleanup: Participate in beach cleanup drives and promote coastal conservation.
  • Tree Planting Initiatives: Support tree planting campaigns to combat deforestation.
  • Wetland Restoration: Engage in activities for kids to restore and protect wetland ecosystems.
  1. Mystery and Detective Adventures

  • Escape Room Challenges: Solve puzzles and riddles in escape room games.
  • Mystery Parties: Host mystery-themed parties and encourage kids to solve mysteries.
  • Detective Story Writing: Write detective stories or novels, showcasing problem-solving skills.

Singapore Holiday Guide provides numerous kid-friendly options. Tell us in the comments which one has been your favourite.

  1. Historical Reenactments

  • Living History Museums: Visit museums featuring historical reenactments and immersive experiences.
  • Civil War Reenactments: Explore historical events and participate in reenactment events.
  • Historical Costume Making: Create period-appropriate costumes for reenactments.
  1. Environmental Awareness Campaigns

  • Environmental Exhibitions: Organize exhibitions to raise awareness about environmental issues.
  • Eco-Friendly Products: Make and sell eco-friendly products like reusable bags or containers.
  • Recycling Initiatives: Establish recycling programs and educate others about the importance of recycling.
  1. Film and Media Production

  • Film-Making Workshops: Learn the basics of scriptwriting, shooting, and editing short films.
  • YouTube Channels: Create and manage a YouTube channel to share creative content.
  • News Reporting: Role-play as news reporters and anchor your mini news broadcast.
  1. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

  • Virtual Reality Art: Create digital art in VR environments.
  • AR Treasure Hunts: Design augmented reality treasure hunts or games.
  • VR Storytelling: Develop immersive stories in virtual reality.
  1. Eco-Tourism and Nature Conservation

  • Bird Watching: Explore the world of birdwatching and nature conservation.
  • Beach Cleanup Vacations: Plan a holiday around beach cleanup activities with kids.
  • Nature Photography: Learn photography and document wildlife and natural landscapes.
  1. Technology Startups

  • Startup Incubators: Attend events or workshops in startup incubators that introduce kids to entrepreneurship.
  • Startup Pitches: Encourage kids to develop business ideas and pitch them to friends and family.
  • Tech Hackathons: Participate in tech hackathons focused on solving real-world problems.

Whether your kids are interested in science, art, or sports, the Singapore Holiday Guide has something for everyone.

  1. Historical Reenactments and Role-Playing

  • Medieval Reenactment: Experience life in medieval times through role-playing.
  • Civil Rights Movement: Reenact historical moments from the civil rights movement.
  • Mythology and Legend Performances: Act out scenes from myths and legends.
  1. Sailing and Navigation

  • Sailing Classes: Learn how to sail and navigate on the water.
  • Navigation Challenges: Take on navigation challenges in unfamiliar terrain.
  • Ocean Conservation: Understand the importance of preserving marine environments.
  1. Linguistic and Language Studies

  • Sign Language: Learn sign language and communicate with the hearing-impaired community.
  • Translation Services: Offer translation services for non-English speakers.
  • Language Apps: Create language learning apps or flashcards.
  1. Model Building and Hobby Crafts

  • Model Trains: Build and operate model train sets.
  • Diorama Building: Create miniature scenes or dioramas.
  • Remote Control Planes and Cars: Learn about mechanics and technology through RC vehicles.
  1. Environmental Education Workshops

  • Sustainable Farm Tours: Visit sustainable farms and learn about eco-friendly farming practices.
  • Beekeeping Workshops: Explore the world of beekeeping and understand the importance of bees.
  • Composting Initiatives: Set up a home composting system to reduce waste.
  1. Photography and Videography

  • Nature Photography Workshops: Learn about photography while exploring the natural world.
  • Video Editing: Edit and produce short videos for personal projects.
  • Documentary Filmmaking: Create documentaries on topics of interest.
  1. Sustainable Fashion Initiatives

  • Upcycled Clothing Design: Design clothing using upcycled materials.
  • Thrift Store Flipping: Visit thrift stores, find items, and give them new life through customization.
  • Fashion Swaps: Organize fashion swap events with friends and family.
  1. Travel and Adventure Blogging

  • Adventure Blogging: Encourage kids to document their travel adventures through blogging.
  • Travel Vlogs: Create video blogs (vlogs) of travel experiences.
  • Budget Travel Planning: Plan budget-friendly family vacations.
  1. Young Entrepreneurs Associations

  • Youth Chambers of Commerce: Get involved with youth chambers of commerce for networking and support.
  • Youth Business Clubs: Join clubs or associations for young entrepreneurs to share experiences.
  • Entrepreneurial Competitions: Participate in entrepreneurial competitions and showcase business ideas.
  1. Martial Arts and Self-Defense

  • Martial Arts Classes: Enroll in martial arts classes for physical and mental discipline.
  • Self-Défense Workshops: Learn self-defense techniques and personal safety.
  • Yoga and Mindfulness: Explore yoga and mindfulness practices for overall well-being.

This Singapore Holiday Guide offers a diverse array of activities for kids of all ages with diverse interests.

  1. Community Theatre Productions

  • Community Theatre Groups: Participate in community theatre productions, from acting to stage design.
  • Musical Performances: Join community musical performances and develop musical talents.
  • Theatre Makeup and Costume Design: Learn about makeup and costume design for the theatre.
  1. Virtual Art Galleries

  • Online Art Exhibitions: Create virtual art exhibitions showcasing kids’ artworks.
  • Digital Art Showcases: Share digital art portfolios online.
  • Art Auctions: Host virtual art auctions to sell artwork and donate proceeds to charity.
  1. Eco-Entrepreneurship Projects

  • Eco-Friendly Apps: Develop apps that promote eco-friendly practices.
  • Green Energy Demonstrations: Create models or demonstrations of green energy sources.
  • Eco-Friendly Product Innovations: Invent new eco-friendly products for everyday use.
  1. Tech-Inspired Escape Rooms

  • Tech Escape Challenges: Develop escape room challenges with a technology theme.
  • Cybersecurity Challenges: Learn about cybersecurity while solving puzzles and challenges.
  • Coding Escape Games: Code digital escape rooms to test problem-solving skills.
  1. Historical Preservation and Restoration

  • Historical Building Restoration: Join historical building preservation projects.
  • Archive Digitization: Digitize historical documents and records for preservation.
  • Archaeological Digs: Participate in archaeological digs to uncover the past.
  1. Webinars and Seminars

  • Entrepreneurship Webinars: Attend webinars focused on entrepreneurship and business skills.
  • Startup Seminars: Engage in seminars that teach the essentials of starting and running a business.
  • Tech Talks: Listen to tech experts discuss innovations and emerging technologies.
  1. Outdoor Survival Skills

  • Survival Camps: Learn outdoor survival skills such as fire-making, shelter building, and navigation.
  • Wilderness Exploration: Venture into the wilderness to learn about nature and self-reliance.
  • Foraging Adventures: Discover edible plants and foraging techniques in natural settings.
  1. Health and Wellness Startups

  • Wellness Apps: Develop apps that promote physical and mental well-being.
  • Nutrition Consulting: Offer nutrition consultations for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Holistic Healing Ventures: Explore holistic health practices and their benefits.
  1. Learn Podcasting

  • Podcast Listening: Allow the youngsters to tune in to informative and entertaining podcasts and encourage them to maintain a journal where they record their newfound knowledge.
  • Learn how to Podcast – Kids learn how to create and produce their own podcasts by getting them introduced to storytelling, communication, and technology in a fun and creative way.
  1. Mini-Golf Course Design

  • Mini-Golf Course Creation: Design and build your mini-golf course.
  • Golf Course Management: Learn about maintaining and managing a mini-golf course.
  • Mini-Golf Tournaments: Organize mini-golf tournaments for friends and family.
  1. Vegan and Plant-Based Culinary Ventures

  • Plant-Based Cooking Classes: Learn to cook delicious vegan dishes.
  • Vegan Pop-Up Cafés: Organize pop-up cafes featuring plant-based cuisine.
  • Vegan Food Truck: Explore the world of mobile vegan food businesses.
  1. Scientific Research Projects

  • Student Research Programs: Engage in scientific research programs for young scientists.
  • Experiments and Studies: Conduct experiments and studies in various scientific fields.
  • Science Fair Projects: Prepare and present projects for science fairs and competitions.
  1. Biography Writing and Storytelling

  • Biography Writing: Research and write biographies of inspiring individuals.
  • Storytelling Workshops: Attend storytelling workshops and develop narrative skills.
  • Oral History Interviews: Record interviews with older family members to capture their life stories.
  1. Mentoring and Peer Support Groups

  • Entrepreneurial Mentoring: Establish mentoring relationships with experienced entrepreneurs.
  • Peer Entrepreneurial Groups: Form groups with peers to support each other’s business ideas.
  • Youth Support Forums: Participate in online forums where young entrepreneurs share advice.
  1. Ethical and Sustainable Investments

  • Stock Market Simulation: Simulate ethical investing in stocks and mutual funds.
  • Impact Investing: Learn about investing with a focus on social and environmental impact.
  • Sustainable Business Ventures: Create businesses with a focus on sustainability and ethical practices.
  1. Sculpture and 3D Art

  • Clay Sculpting: Create sculptures from clay, learning about form and texture.
  • 3D Printing Workshops: Explore the world of 3D printing and design.
  • Recycled Art Projects: Make art from recycled materials and promote eco-consciousness.
  1. Theatre Productions

  • Original Playwriting: Write original plays and organize theatre productions.
  • Stage Management: Learn about the behind-the-scenes work of managing a theatre production.
  • Theatre Production Funding: Explore fundraising for theatrical ventures.
  1. DIY Home Automation Projects

  • Home Automation Systems: Create and install simple home automation systems.
  • Smart Home App Development: Develop apps that control smart home devices.
  • DIY Security Systems: Build DIY home security systems and learn about home safety.
  1. Marine Biology Adventures

  • Marine Life Exploration: Engage in marine biology programs to learn about sea creatures and ecosystems.
  • Aquarium Volunteering: Volunteer at local aquariums and learn about marine conservation.
  • Coral Restoration: Participate in coral reef conservation initiatives to protect underwater environments.
  1. Business Case Competitions

  • Youth Case Competitions: Enter case competitions designed for young entrepreneurs to solve real-world business problems.
  • Startup Pitch Challenges: Participate in challenges where kids present business ideas to a panel of judges.
  • Social Entrepreneurship Challenges: Engage in competitions focused on creating ventures that address social issues.
  1. Simulation Activities for Kids

  • Space Simulations: Experience space missions through realistic simulations and role-playing.
  • Geography Simulations: Use maps, globes, and online tools to simulate global exploration. Kids can plan imaginary trips, learn about different countries, and even simulate navigating the world using geographical coordinates.
  • Weather Simulations: Explore meteorology by studying weather patterns and creating simple weather forecasts. Kids can use weather websites and instruments like a barometer, thermometer, or rain gauge to make predictions.
  • Ecosystem Simulation: Create a miniature ecosystem in a terrarium or aquarium and learn about the interactions between plants and animals. Kids can observe how changes in environmental conditions affect their simulated ecosystem.
  1. Music Technology and Production

  • Music Software Creation: Develop software for music production and editing.
  • Sound Engineering Workshops: Learn about sound engineering, mixing, and music production.
  • Digital Music Composing: Create digital music compositions and experiment with electronic instruments.
  1. Art Therapy – More than Just Art

  • Art Therapy Workshops: Explore the therapeutic use of art, promoting emotional and mental well-being.
  • Art for a Cause: Organize art projects that raise awareness for specific causes or charities.
  • Expressive Art Journals: Create art journals as a form of self-expression and reflection.

Your child’s school holidays can be extraordinary when you turn to the Singapore Holiday Guide, featuring an extensive list of more than 300 activities for kids.

  1. Eco-Friendly Transportation Projects

  • Bicycle Repair and Maintenance: Learn to repair and maintain bicycles, promoting eco-friendly transportation.
  • Solar-Powered Vehicles: Explore solar energy by building and racing solar-powered vehicles.
  • Electric Scooter Charging Stations: Set up charging stations for electric scooters.

The Singapore Holiday Guide makes it easy to plan an educational yet fun vacation in Singapore.

  1. Kids’ Sustainability Summits

  • Youth Sustainability Conferences: Attend or organize conferences to discuss environmental issues and sustainable practices.
  • Eco-Hackathons: Engage in hackathons focused on developing eco-friendly solutions and innovations.
  • Sustainability Workshops: Participate in workshops that promote sustainability and green living.
  1. Gaming Technopreneurship

  • Game Development Workshops: Create and develop video games and mobile apps.
  • Game Streaming and Commentary: Live-stream or record gameplays with commentary.
  • Gaming Tournaments: Organize or participate in gaming tournaments and e-sports events.

Don’t miss out on the excitement – explore the Singapore Holiday Guide for over 300 activities for kids to make the most of your school break.

  1. Young Eco-Warriors Clubs

  • Environmental Clubs: Join or establish environmental clubs to raise awareness about eco-conservation.
  • Zero-Waste Initiatives: Advocate for and implement zero-waste practices in communities.
  • Eco-Business Ventures: Create eco-friendly businesses focusing on sustainable products or services.

Unlock the potential of your School Holidays through the Singapore Holiday Guide, which provides access to a wide range of more than 300 activities for kids.

  1. Water Sports and Aquatic Adventures

  • Surfing Lessons: Learn how to surf or ride the waves on paddleboards.
  • Snorkeling and Underwater Exploration: Explore marine life through snorkeling and underwater adventures.
  • Sailing Regattas: Participate in sailing regattas and races, developing maritime skills.
  1. Historical Cooking and Food Heritage

  • Historical Cooking Workshops: Cook dishes from different historical periods and cultures.
  • Food Heritage Tours: Explore local food heritage and traditional cooking methods.
  • Food History Research: Study the history of food and culinary traditions.
  1. Language and Translation Services

  • Language Exchange Programs: Engage in language exchanges with peers from different linguistic backgrounds.
  • Professional Translation: Offer translation services for local businesses or communities.
  • Bilingual Storytelling: Share stories in multiple languages, promoting language diversity.

Seize the opportunity to make the most of your school holidays with the Singapore Holiday Guide, featuring a multitude of over 300 activities for kids.

  1. Bioinformatics and Genetics Exploration

  • Bioinformatics Software Development: Learn to develop software for biological data analysis.
  • Genetics and DNA Workshops: Explore the world of genetics and conduct DNA experiments.
  • Bioinformatics Competitions: Participate in bioinformatics challenges and competitions.

Your school holidays will be packed with fun and adventure when you follow the Singapore Holiday Guide, featuring an abundance of over 300 activities for kids.

  1. Eco-Art Installations

  • Eco-Art Exhibitions: Create art installations from recycled or sustainable materials.
  • Public Eco-Art Displays: Display eco-art in public spaces to promote environmental awareness.
  • Eco-Art Installations in Gardens: Contribute to eco-friendly garden art installations.
  1. Launch Podcasts for Kids

  • Youth Entrepreneurial Podcasting: Launch and Host podcasts that discuss entrepreneurship and innovative ideas for kids.
  • Young Inventors’ Podcasts: Share stories and ideas of young inventors and creators.
  1. Event Planning

  • Encourage kids to plan a small community event like a bake sale
  • Kids can organize a holiday craft fair where they create and sell their handmade crafts

Make the best of your school break by following the Singapore Holiday Guide, which encompasses a diverse range of more than 300 activities for kids.

  1. Virtual Travel Blogging

  • Virtual Travel Experiences: Explore and document virtual travel adventures to different countries.
  • Global Cuisine Challenges: Create and taste international dishes at home and blog about the experience.
  • Cultural Exchange Posts: Share insights into various cultures and traditions encountered virtually.
  1. Agricultural Initiatives

  • Kitchen Gardens: Grow your herbs and vegetables in small kitchen gardens.
  • Farm-to-Table Events: Organize farm-to-table events featuring homegrown produce.
  • Agricultural Tech Innovations: Learn about technology in agriculture and its role in modern farming.

The Singapore Holiday Guide ensures that children can learn while having a blast during their vacation.

  1. Meetups & Play Dates

  • Make meetups & play dates about pitch sessions where they present unique ideas to a panel of peers and experts.
  1. Kid Entrepreneurs’ Radio

  • Kids’ Radio Shows: Host radio shows featuring discussions about entrepreneurial topics and ideas.
  • Young DJ and Sound Editing: Learn how to operate radio equipment, edit sound, and create content.
  1. Exploratory Art Projects

  • Interactive Art Exhibits: Create interactive art exhibits and installations for public spaces.
  • Community Art Murals: Paint murals that convey important messages or tell stories.
  • Sculpture Gardens: Establish sculpture gardens featuring kids’ artwork.

Get the most out of your school holidays by referring to the Singapore Holiday Guide, offering a wide array of over 300 activities for kids.

  1. Tech and E-Waste Recycling

  • E-Waste Collection Drives: Organize e-waste collection drives and promote responsible disposal.
  • Tech Repair Workshops: Learn to repair electronic devices, reducing electronic waste.
  • Upcycled Tech Art: Create art projects from repurposed electronic components.
  1. Renewable Energy Projects

  • Solar Panel Construction: Build and experiment with miniature solar panels.
  • Wind Turbine Models: Create wind turbine models to learn about wind energy.
  • Hydropower Demonstrations: Learn about hydropower and its potential as a renewable energy source.
  1. Historical Heritage Documentaries

  • Documentary Filmmaking: Produce documentaries about historical sites and cultural heritage.
  • Oral History Interviews: Record interviews with individuals who have stories about the past.
  • Virtual Heritage Tours: Create virtual tours of historical places and share their significance.

Experience the best of your school holidays with the Singapore Holiday Guide, which offers a rich tapestry of over 300 activities for kids to choose from.

  1. Young Scientists’ Clubs

  • Youth Science Clubs: Join clubs focusing on various scientific disciplines and experiments.
  • Science Fair Innovations: Develop science fair projects and experiments for competitions.
  • Innovation Labs for Kids: Explore innovation and research in scientific fields.
  1. DIY Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

  • Eco-Cleaning Product Workshops: Create eco-friendly cleaning products and learn about their benefits.
  • Green Cleaning Services: Offer cleaning services using eco-friendly products to households.
  • Awareness Campaigns: Promote green cleaning practices and their importance in reducing chemicals.
  1. Storytelling Workshops

  • Creative Writing for Entrepreneurs: Hone creative writing skills to craft entrepreneurial stories and content.
  • Storytelling for Sales: Learn how to use storytelling techniques to boost product sales and marketing.
  • Youth Storytelling Clubs: Join clubs where young storytellers share their creations and practice their skills.

Maximize your school holidays with the Singapore Holiday Guide, which offers access to a diverse range of over 300 activities for kids.

  1. Youth Impact Awards

  • Youth Achievement Awards: Apply for awards that recognize young entrepreneurs and innovators.
  • Impactful Community Projects: Submit projects for awards that highlight their positive impact.
  • Youth Leadership Awards: Compete for leadership and impact awards for young change-makers.

Enhance your school break by utilizing the Singapore Holiday Guide, featuring a plethora of over 300 activities for kids.

  1. Comic Strips

  • Comic Creation Workshops: Learn to create comics that focus on entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Entrepreneurial Comic Series: Develop a series of comics that tell stories of young entrepreneurs and inventors.
  • Online Comic Publishing: Publish entrepreneurial comic strips online for a wider audience.

Maximize your school holidays using the Singapore Holiday Guide, which boasts an extensive list of more than 300 things to do.

  1. Sustainable Tourism Ventures

  • Eco-Tourism Planning: Plan eco-friendly tours and excursions for tourists.
  • Adventure Eco-Tourism: Design adventure-based eco-tourism packages for nature enthusiasts.
  • Eco-Hotel Projects: Explore sustainable hotel and accommodation concepts.

Make the most of your school holidays with the Singapore Holiday Guide with over 300 activities for kids.


Whether your child is a budding chef, artist, scientist, or tech whiz, there’s something for every child to do during Singapore Holidays. Make the most of your holiday by fostering your child’s entrepreneurial spirit, and watch them blossom as they explore their passions and learn valuable life skills. With the countless opportunities available, you’re sure to create lasting memories and help your child develop into a future leader and innovator.

So, get ready to embark on a Singapore Holiday adventure filled with creativity, innovation, and hands-on learning that your kids will cherish for years to come! An exciting school break awaits you and your child and by exploring the Singapore Holiday Guide, you’ll discover a wide array of over 300 activities for kids.

Make your School Holidays or Singapore Holiday an unforgettable experience for your kids, filled with opportunities to explore, create, and learn. Whether their interests lie in science, the arts, technology, or entrepreneurship, there’s an activity tailored to their passion and curiosity.

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