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Accepting Registrations for March 2023 (January Registrations Closed)

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Entrepreneurship Program for Kids

We make early entrepreneurship education fun through worksheets, playing cards, lesson plans, and more. Each worksheet and lesson plan is focused on a learning outcome. Kids get to spend an hour every week developing entrepreneurial quotient. Our activities and assignment provide a very hands-on experience for every child. Each project is reviewed and feedback is provided to every student.

The course is divided into three levels: Level 1(THINKpreneur), Level 2(CREATEpreneur) & Level 3(LAUNCHpreneur). This is not a one-off workshop but a program providing consistent support and learning for over 3 years to ensure a solid foundation that prepares children for life.


How Does It Work?


Step 1

Enroll your child in the regular program with a monthly fee of $90 (Online) or $140 (Offline). This covers 4 sessions and provides children access to the global kids entrepreneur community

Step 2

Once you enroll, students will be able to attend live weekly classes and work on fun assignments that will be reviewed by our coaches and mentors.

Step 3

Students will be able to work on projects and get certified for each level. They will also be able to attend one session every month by an industry expert.

Focus on all aspects of a child's growth

  • Academics
  • Passion/Hobby/Interest
  • Entrepreneurial & Life Skills

Entrepreneurship/Life Skills are transferable skills that are relevant and helpful across different areas of life: socially, professionally, and at school. Schools, Tuition Centres, and EdTech platforms are focusing on academics and a lot of enrichment programs are focusing on passion, hobbies, and interests. Life skills, entrepreneurship, innovation, and real-life problem-solving is missing from students’ life. This course focuses on developing entrepreneurship skills, mindset and knowledge.

“Kids are just a sponge. When you expose them to things like brainstorming and prototyping, they get it. They are almost naturals at it.” –
Don Bossi

Kidspreneurship has also been awarded “Leaders in Early Entrepreneurship Education” for two consecutive years at the Singapore Awards by APAC Insider and Early Entrepreneurship Education Initiative of the Year by Corporate LiveWire Innovation & Excellence Awards 2021.


Focus on all 5Qs (EQ, SQ, CQ, AQ) – Holistic Development
Mentorship for all Students
Kid Entrepreneur Championships & Competitions
Lifelong Access to Content & Community
Starter Kit for all Students
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Our Unique Teaching Methodology is focused on 3Ps - Participative, Play-Based and Probe-Based

Highlights of Regular Program

  • Proven System to Accelerate Student’s Entrepreneurial Quotient
  • Live Weekly Classes for Continous Learning & Development
  • Industry Expert Sessions and Mentorship on Projects
  • Feedback on Assignments and Projects
  • Edtech Platform to Support Student’s Learning
  • Hybrid Model – Option to Choose between Online and Offline

Level Wise Program Structure


Level 1


  • 1.Building Awareness about Entrepreneurship

  • 2.Developing the Right Mindset

  • 3.Industry Expert Sessions

  • 4.One Cornerstone Project Every Month

  • 5.Certification for Level 1

  • 6.Part of Kidspreneurship Global Community

  • 7.Access to Comprehensive Learning Resources

  • 48 Sessions


Level 2


  • 1.Developing Interest in Entrepreneurship

  • 2.Building the Right Skills & Knowledge

  • 3.Industry Expert Sessions

  • 4.One Cornerstone Project Every Month

  • 5.Certification for Level 2

  • 6.Part of Kidspreneurship Global Community

  • 7.Access to Comprehensive Learning Resource

  • 48 Sessions


Level 3


  • 1.Nurturing Desire to become an Entrepreneur

  • 2.Learn Real-Life Application

  • 3.Industry Exposure

  • 4.One Cornerstone Project Every Month

  • 5.Certification for Level 3

  • 6.Part of Kidspreneurship Global Community

  • 7.Access to Comprehensive Learning Resources

  • 48 Sessions

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Every child can now go to an Entrepreneurship School with Kidsprenurship

Online Learning is The Future of Education
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BatchModeDay | Timings
Level 1 - THINKpreneurOnlineThursday | 5:30 PM-6:30 PM SGT
Level 1 - THINKpreneurOnlineSaturday | 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM SGT
Level 1 - THINKpreneurOfflineFriday | 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Level 1 - THINKpreneurOfflineSaturday | 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Reach out to us at for detailed lesson plan


Why Parents Loves Us

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Damian Seet

Early entrepreneur education is grooming time and is very good seasoning for the kids when they are young, especially when their minds are curious and they are eager to learn more
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Simoni Shah

Kids have thoroughly enjoyed the workshops and I have seen them talk about things like a pitch, a business plan, and how to market. They really understood the concepts and that’s why they were able to implement them, which was great.
Prepare Kids for Life 31

Vaishali Shah

Early entrepreneur education is an early headstart to building entrepreneurship skills, developing growth oriented mindsets .Learning and putting to use the various aspects involved such as team work, making a prototype in the short time,how their ideas can be all inclusive and also make a difference in learn to do all this at such a young age is really wonderful

Frequently Asked Questions

Kidspreneurship is committed to delivering a new-age curriculum that focuses on design thinking, financial literacy, social skills, leadership, creativity, team work, and a growth mindset. We are committed to helping kids tap into their entrepreneurial DNA and realize their full potential to think “out of the box” and solve real-life problems like a leader.

Yes, we will be awarding course participation certificate for each level

We have a new batch starting every two months. Once you sign up, we will allocate your child to the next upcoming batch.

The starter kit consists of worksheets, journals, name card, etc. It’s a great way to begin an entrepreneurship learning journey.

Every child is different. So if you have 2 kids, sign them up separately. We do have a sibling discount, please write to us at to find out about a sibling discounts.

If you cancel anytime before the course begins, the fee will be refundable. The program fee is non-refundable after the program has started. However, after the course has commenced, you can cancel the subscription and you will not be charged for another month.

No, this course can be availed by students in any part of the world. Do check schedule to see timings.

You will be billed S$90 every month at the start of the program. You can cancel anytime. You will not be billed after the end of the current billing cycle.

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