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Technopreneurship is the perfect balance of technology and entrepreneurship. The fusion between these two words” technology” and “entrepreneurship” created what we call “Technopreneurship.”

Technopreneurship camp focuses on teaching fundamental entrepreneurial skills with a focus on basic tech skills. This camp truly prepares kids for the VUCA world. Students get a chance to create wireframes for a mobile app and then a chance to learn mobile app coding. This camp is organized in association with in3labs.


Time Duration

12 hours

Kids Age

10 – 14 years

Special Early Bird Fee – S$390 (S$550) till Nov 5, 2022

Look at the timing in the schedule before filling up the form below

Technopreneurship camp starts with an idea that solves a real-life problem.  During the holiday camp, students work on creating new products or come up with a solution to a problem using technology. Technopreneurship camp allows kids to bring their ideas to life and execute them using technology.

We believe that every kid has the potential to become an entrepreneur. And with the right kind of tech skills, they can see their ideas coming to life. Students are encouraged to explore and experiment with technology and build a working prototype of their ideas. In the Technopreneurship track, kids will get access to design thinking skills, tech skills, pitching skills, and much more.

Only limited students per camp. Seats filling up FAST. Book yours now.

Date & Time (Singapore Time – SGT): Holiday Camp Schedule

Dec 6 - Dec 910 am – 1 pm SGT224A Upper Thomson Rd
March (TBD)TBD 224A Upper Thomson Rd

If you are looking to avail a class on dates or timing other than what is mentioned here, please do reach out to us at We cater to all geographies. We have online classes available for students outside Singapore

Technopreneurship - Solve Problems Using Mobile App

We help students identify problems and apply the design thinking process to arrive at a solution. They create a working demo of the solution using technology. They also learn how to pitch and market their ideas. This camp combines the power of entrepreneurship and technology.

This is a chance to hone their creative skills, tech skills, public speaking skills, and problem-solving skills all in one workshop. Most importantly, it is a chance to make them start thinking like an entrepreneur.


Identify user challenges, learn design thinking to solve real-life problems


Learn basics of mobile app coding to create your own mobile applications


Create your first mobile application using a block-based programming interface


Learn the art of pitching ideas, marketing & business planning

We will be providing all materials required for the camp. Students will have to bring their own laptops


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Mobile Apps Coding

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Creativity & Critical Thinking

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Problem Solving Skills

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Design Thinking

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Business Planning


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Damian Seet

Early entrepreneur education is grooming time and is very good seasoning for the kids when they are young, especially when their minds are curious and they are eager to learn more
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Simoni Shah

Respected parent Simoni Shah said, “The little activities and workshop that preceded the children have made them enjoy challenges. I have seen my son talking about ‘a pitch’, ‘a business plan’, ‘I’m going to market this’, etc. They understood it and were able to implement it, which is excellent.”
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Vaishali Shah

Early entrepreneur education is an early headstart to building entrepreneurship skills, developing growth oriented mindsets .Learning and putting to use the various aspects involved such as team work, making a prototype in the short time,how their ideas can be all inclusive and also make a difference in learn to do all this at such a young age is really wonderful

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    While the camps are for 10-14 year of age groups, we have had 9-year-old kids attending the holiday camp too. If you are interested, you can write to us.

    There are no pre-requisites for the holiday camp. All material and worksheets will be provided.

    We have been conducting both online and offline camps and we are also contemplating a hybrid model. You can check the schedule for the same.

    Simply fill in the form and make the payment. You will get all the necessary details on email including the worksheets and course material.

    No, that doesn’t matter. In fact, most of our students are new to Entrepreneurship.

    If we have less than 5 students, the class will be cancelled or postponed, and you will get a 100% refund.

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